System Upgrade

Updated look, more branding options & features

We are currently beta testing the next major release of VDP Web. This release will add several new features to the system. We are enhancing security, web content management, HTML editing and updating the general look of the user interface to reflect advances in web development.

The expected release date is in about a month, and we will announce a specific date as we get closer.

Enhanced branding for enterprise clients

The new system will allow for the selection of two different shell layouts with the ability to select colors that exactly match your brand. The new themes work much better for the system colors and look fantastic.  Additionally, Enterprise clients will be able to select a user interface that features either rounded or square corners. These enhancements will make it even easier to have VDP Web follow the fit and feel of your organization.

Security enhancements

The new version will add many new security features that can be controlled at the Reseller or Enterprise level by default, with the ability to override settings for individual companies. The new security features for authentication controls will be able to be turned off, but the option will be available for those that want more protection for their clients.

Some of the security features will include:

  • Dual authentication and access rules for logins
  • IP address white listing and ability to lockout unknown locations
  • Email notification when password authentication fails
  • Email notification when passwords are changed
  • Email notification when account information is updated

Content management enhancements

Users will now be able to choose between our new HTML5 WYSIWYG editor, the current WYSIWYG editor or just plain old code in a text box. Additionally, the same functionality that currently allows you to create email templates will now be available to create web content. Enterprise and Reseller clients will be able to create base designs with editable regions that can be assigned to every company under their primary account or to just one specific company. This should greatly increase productivity in launching campaigns and managing the fit and feel of many pages in just one location.

A greatly enhanced file manager

A new image and resource file picker will make managing images and resources easier than ever. Thumbnails will now be displayed by default with the option of reverting to a details list. Users will also be able to create new folders and upload files directly inside the file selector that opens from the WYSIWYG HTML editor. Text based files, such as JavaScript, CSS, text, CSV and other files will be able to be edited directly online.

Updated design

The shell of VDP Web will be redesigned with a new layout including new fonts, icons and buttons. This modern, cleaner look has received glowing reviews from everyone who has seen it. We will post some sample screen shots on our blog prior to the release.

Do I need to do anything?

Not right now! We'll update you further as we get closer to the release date.

If you plan to turn on the account security and authentication features, you may want to make sure that everyone using the system has a current, valid email address associated with their login.

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